Why Revenge On A Narcissist Will Consume Your Soul

Why Revenge On A Narcissist Will Consume Your Soul

A narcissist is a very destructive and toxic excuse for a human being. He will suck the life out of you, manipulate you, mentally, emotionally and financially abuse you, and cheat on you, all without any sign of remorse or guilt. No wonder many people are asking themselves: how do you get revenge on a narcissist? How can you make a narcissist feel the pain and hurt you have felt?

Questions like these might be the first thing on your mind after enduring all the abuse all this time. These thoughts will consume your time and energy. Revenge against anyone can be destructive but against a narcissist, things can go very wrong. It’s not about being the bigger person here; it’s about protecting YOU from more damage. So, if you are still thinking about revenge against a narcissist, let me show you what can go wrong first, and then you can decide for yourself.

  • It will delay the healing process:

Narcissistic abuse is a known cause of PTSD: post-traumatic stress disorder o Complex-PTSD especially if the relationship is a long one. This is a serious disorder where the brain changes due to prolonged emotional or physical abuse. It’s not just for war veterans. It can happen as a result of narcissistic abuse. It can affect your emotions, how you view yourself and cause changes on your attention and memory. It can cause a state of dissociation, panic, despair and hopelessness. It can destroy your self-esteem and confidence. The patient may feel like it’s hard to trust again and feel safe in a relationship. All these changes need to be reversed in the healing process of narcissistic abuse.

Research has shown that delaying therapy for C-PSTD will make it even worse!

You can’t be too caught up in a revenge scenario and do therapy at the same time.Take your pick: whether to seek help and move on with your life, or stay in the rotten life of a narcissist. As a victim or as someone who wants to get even, it doesn’t matter. It will delay your narcissistic abuse healing.

The treatment needs a specialist to guide you through. Therapy takes time. You can’t waste more time on a narcissist.

  • It will lead to more abuse:

You want to break the abuse cycle and stay as far as you can from the narcissist, right?

You need to get them completely out of your life. Cut all contacts.

But revenge will invite revenge in a series that will never end. If you did a number on a narcissist, he will want to get even too. And narcissists lack empathy. They fight dirty. They fight with no remorse or guilt. They would do things you would never imagine. Their lack of conscious gives them an advantage. Like a deranged psychopath, a narcissist reacts with rage if you harm his big ego or threaten his self-esteem and position of power.

Narc Injury can lead to severe emotional and even physical violence.

Narcissists are manipulative and can hide the fact that they are abusing you till it’s too late. You might think you are winning but they are financially abusing you, for example.

  • You can lose your reputation:

If you hurt a narcissist, he may react in manipulative tactics like a smear campaign to drag your name through the mud and destroy your reputation.

He would call you crazy and tell lies and spread nasty rumors about you. And he would get people, Flying Monkeys, to back him up, too. They could be mutual friends manipulated into helping him spread the rumors or tell him secrets about you so he can use them as weapons against you. And he would be the hero and the victim in the stories they tell. You would be the villain. Not only does this destroy your reputation but you would be left isolated, disoriented and deeply hurt. You might think that people close to you won’t believe his blatant lies, and they won’t be used by him as minions against you, but they often would. He casts a big web of lies. And a narcissist is charming so he can get others by his side by hiding his evil side and looking all innocent and good.

  • You can get into legal trouble:

Don’t be like a narcissist and go into a blind rage. You are better than that. Plus you might get caught in the act that is unlawful.Such as keying his car, or destroying property, and he might get lawyers involved. It’s just not worth it.It would destroy your reputation even more.

  • Revenge is a waste of time and energy:

How is revenge a waste of time? you don’t achieve anything.

You think it will give you closure? It won’t. It won’t make you any more content in life. It won’t erase all the memories of pain and abuse. It won’t give you back the wasted years and energy.

Revenge is man-made, artificial Karma. Let the real karma catch up to them.

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