When a Narcissist Is Ignored

When a Narcissist Is Ignored

Narcissists live for the attention and thrive on it. That’s what keeps them going and functioning. Their disordered personality needs something to fill the void and attention and adoration makes them forget about their problems. They have a real problem with feeling ignored since they were children and they were neglected by their caregivers. Anytime they are ignored, that narcissistic wound is reopened and they are hurt again. They can’t stand it when they are not at the center of attention let alone being completely ignored. It’s a death sentence for them. They keep a lot of narcissistic supply to get attention from. They have a backup for every source of supply to have some peace of mind that people aren’t going to leave them and let them sulk in their misery.

What I mean by ignoring a narcissist is when you change your phone number, block him on all social media, and avoid places where he might be and limiting contact with mutual friends or even filing for a restraining order against him. You should warn your friends that you broke up with the narcissist and that you don’t want anything to do with him.

The narcissist might try to recruit your friends in a stalking campaign. They should never tell him any personal details about you if they do they are not your real friends, they should know how to protect you on your healing journey. If you have mutual friends you should make sure they know this and you should limit contact with them and not share too much.

Effects of Ignoring a Narcissist    

The narcissist will start by mirroring you; giving you the silent treatment too to try to gain power over you by pretending he is the one ignoring you. How sad!

When he sees that ignoring you doesn’t work, he will enter a rage. He will be showing his true colors in a moment of blind rage. This is because he starts to understand he is being ignored and discarded so his ego is hurt which leads to a narcissistic wound.

After cooling down from raging the narcissist might try a different tactic: love-bombing and apologizing. He will be telling you that it was a mistake leaving him, he will tell you let’s talk like adults but adults don’t manipulate like this, only toxic people manipulate and only children play games.

When that doesn’t work he will vanish in shame for a little bit. Narcissists are prone to feelings of shame when they are hurt, they will be depressed for some time when things don’t go their way.

The narcissist might also stalk you on social media to try to see what you are up to. He will be making fake accounts and trying to talk  to you so be careful of his creepy ways; he will send you friend requests from other accounts pretending to be somewhere else , so only add people you know well.

The narcissist might even start stalking you in real life; this is when things start to get really creepy. Stalking in real life can make you feel like you are in danger. He will make it look like it’s a natural coincidence that you pump into each other. Don’t let it affect your mood; stay strong and walk away. Threaten calling the police if he insists on taking to you.

If everything doesn’t work for the narcissist he will try to get you jealous by showing you his other supply. He will post on social media all day telling people how he found a special lady. That’s one other reason to block him on social media. You don’t need his games.

Ignoring a Narcissist Is the Best Revenge

 As you have seen, ignoring a narcissist will only drive him crazy. He will try every trick in the book to try to get you back or try to get any kind of attention from you. If you think this is not enough punishment for him and you want revenge then you have to know that trying revenge will keep him in your life, it will fuel him even more. It will satisfy his need for attention. He will know you are not over him yet. This will make him really happy that he is still torturing and abusing you!

Trying revenge on a narcissist will also delay your healing process. Chances are, by now you might have CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) if you have been in an abusive relationship for a long time. This disorder can make you depressed, disoriented, anxious and unable to sleep while having flashbacks of the bad things that happened. It’s like you have been through an emotional war!

Research has shown that delaying treating CPTSD can make it even worse, so you have to work on your health quickly. You have to move on and don’t try any other revenge tactics. Ignore them and move on.

What Happens When You Ignore a Narcissist Who Dumped You?

Narcs are like children, when they throw away a toy, they think they don’t need it but if the toy is lost and they can’t have it, they will throw a tantrum. Sadly, Narcissists treat people like objects to own. If you did the discarding they want you. If they did the discarding and then you gave them no attention, the will want you! They want to see your reaction when they dump you. If they think you don’t care about it and ignore them altogether, they will go crazy because that makes them feel worthless. They want to feel valued; they want to know you are heartbroken about the breakup. They want to feel like they had an effect in your life.

Ignoring Narcissist Hoover 

When you ignore a narcissist for some time, they might try to Hoover i.e. suck you back into the relationship. This is because they want closure, the want more control over you or the relationship didn’t end on their terms. Narcissists love power and control so they want things to go their way.

So, no matter what the narcissist does at this stage, you have to ignore his manipulation. He will try to suck you back in by any means necessary like telling you he still have feelings for you, that he loves you. He will try every trick in the book, he will try to call or text you, you might find him everywhere you go which makes it very hard ignoring him. But you need to be strong and ignore his hoover attempts because he will never change. If you are back into the relationship, you will be abused again and again.

Why Do Narcissists Ignore Texts

You might be at the other end of it; the narcissist is the one ignoring you. A lot of people are asking why a narcissist would ignore my texts.

You have to understand to that narcissists might just be disrespectful people. They don’t appreciate you as a human being. They will ignore your texts when they are busy. The narcissist is too busy going out there and socializing, climbing the social ladder at work.  They might even be cheating on you and they will lie about it. The point is, it doesn’t matter if they ignore you. They are horrible toxic people. Nothing good comes out of a relationship with them. Only hurt feelings.


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