How to Make a Narcissist Jealous

How to Make a Narcissist Jealous

Jealousy is a burning force inside the narcissist. They can’t help it. They don’t know how to handle it without feeling completely devastated. It’s a way to take revenge on a narcissist by turning their own emotions against them. Narcissists have a pathological desire to compare themselves to others to see who is better than them and who is worse, who has more money and who has more power and status.

If you have moved on with your life and have a new partner, it’s like a death sentence to the narcissist; it hurts them so much to see you happy with someone else. They will contrast and compare your partner to themselves. They might even leave you angry calls telling you how better they are than your new partner. That’s how crazy jealous they can get.

It’s very important to understand that getting the narcissist jealous would mean breaking contact with him. He needs to see you; he needs to see your happy photos on social media. So, you have to be very comfortable in your life. You have to completely move on before you try to make the narcissist jealous. It’s about you not about him. It’s about making you the best version of yourself. It’s about winning in life and being genuinely happy and having inner peace.

So, How to Make a Narcissist Jealous?


Dating someone better than the narcissist

Or pretty much date anyone. They can’t handle it. They are so possessive and they don’t want you to date anyone after you break up with them.

Seeing you with a new partner will have a great effect on the narcissist. Narcissists like to compare and contrast. They compare themselves to other people wherever they go. It’s an automatic and pathological thing that they do. When a narcissist enters a room he tries to gauge who is lower in the social ladder and who is higher. The higher the person, the more jealous the narcissist is, the more he feels out of place. The will feel like they can’t own the room anymore.

Dating someone else would signal to the narcissist that you are over him and that you can be happy in other relationships. They don’t want this. They want you to be dependent on them. They want you to mourn the relationship for a long time. They want to feel like they were the best boyfriend that you had. So go ahead and date again and be happy again. And don’t forget to shove it in the narcissist’s face! Let him know loud and clear that you are over him.

Hit the gym and eat healthy

Narcissists are shallow people. They care too much about looks, especially the somatic narcissist. This type of narcissist is obsessed with how he looks. They flaunt their bodies and show it off whenever they can. They put too much focus on physical appearance. They are so shallow. And you can exploit this very easily. Show them how you have improved physically since you broke up. Show them you are doing very well in a very visible way. Flaunt your body and watch them get hurt. Turn their game onto them. Narcissists will have ruminations over whether it was a mistake breaking up with you.

Of course eating well and exercising is a great way to improve all aspects of your life, so, do it for you first.

Have a rich, successful life

A narcissist wants to see that you are miserable after them. They want you to stay home and eat a bucket of ice-cream while crying over them. Don’t do that. Don’t let them think that they have won the relationship, whatever that means.

Instead, socialize, work hard and travel the world and post pictures on your social media. Let the narcissist know you have a great life that you enjoy. Let the narcissist know you have people who love you and will cherish every minute with you. Be genuinely happy and you will get to the narcissist.

Advance your career and be financially successful. You are not dependent on anyone now. Don’t let him think he can lure you with money. You don’t need him. The narcissist will be very jealous knowing that you might be doing better than them when it comes to money.

The result?

A jealous narcissist will try to win you back

Like a child, a narcissist will try to regain power and control over his old toy when he sees it in another person’s hands. That’s how they react when they are jealous. The narcissist will try to get you back. HE will see your value again when you are in a relationship with someone else. Suddenly you are more attractive in his eyes. Narcissists want what they can’t have. So, what does a narcissist do when he is trying to win someone over? They do the same old manipulation tactics such as Hoovering and love-bombing. He will try to suck you back into the toxic relationship by telling you he is better that your current partner. He will lie about having changed. He will lie about treating you better this time. He will tell you we have a history together and he wants you to take him back for old time’s sake. All they do is lies and manipulations while giving you attention and declaring their love to you. It’s all toxic energy that stems from their inner jealousy that is eating them alive.

A jealous narcissist will try to sabotage you

A jealous narcissist can react with rage in the form of insulting and demeaning remarks. He might tell you that you are nothing and that he is better off without you, and that you don’t deserve his love!

He might try to sabotage your new relationships by spreading rumors and lies about you. He might reveal secrets about your private life to your coworkers to sabotage your thriving career. All these rumor spreading and smear campaigns can be done by people close to you that the narcissist recruited. He can have an army of supporters that have fallen for his charm, so you need to be careful and you need to learn your legal right and threaten taking legal action if necessary.



Making the narcissist jealous is best done by living your life to the fullest, moving on, having inner peace and having social and financial support. This alone will drive the narcissist crazy without any revenge schemes on your part.

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